Virtual Clubs

Virtual Clubs:

1. Set Up: 

  •     Connect with your club mentor – Each First Priority Club has an existing Campus Mentor that has been helping see the club run to its best potential.
  •     Determine a Club date and time – It might be a good idea to host your virtual club at the same day and time your campus club would normally meet. 
  •     Determine who will set up and host the Zoom Call? – Coordinate with your mentor on who will set up and host the first Zoom Call. 
  •     Create a zoom meeting – You can use our website to learn how to set up a zoom virtual club.  
  •     Share your zoom link with only those you are inviting to join you in club. – Your zoom meeting will also have a password you will need to share        with those invited as well. (Do not share your password or zoom link on social media) Invite people personally!!!


2. Strategize:

  •     Prepare an agenda for your Virtual Club. – It is important to have a game plan of what your virtual club will look like. Come up with ideas for icebreakers, prayer times, etc… We will still use the equip guides and connect guides as we move through the cycle. 
  •     Plan for 30 min Clubs. – The Free zoom allows for a 40 min meeting. It is important that you plan accordingly. We believe 30 min is a good timeframe to keep people engaged without them checking out. Also, it gives you 10 min of leeway.


3. Start:

  •     Launch your virtual club via Zoom – It’s go time! Make sure you launch your virtual club when you said you would. Hit the ground running and get excited to reach your friends for Christ. 
  • Prepare for your next virtual club meeting – Now that you have had your first virtual club, start planning your next one! It might be a good idea to host your second meeting as an “EQUIP” club as we launch into our EPiC Cycle.


4. Stay:

·      Stay focused and keep going! – Though you can’t meet on campus in a classroom, you can keep reaching your friends for Christ.