Start a Club

The following steps are a guide for those (students, teachers, youth leaders and parents) who desire to see a First Priority Club established at their middle or high school. Be sure to visit “Find a Club” to be sure there is not already an active club before following the steps below.

Step 1: Print this information

If you are student, print out this page and these 10 steps.  Check them off as you complete each step.

Step 2: Find others

Find four or more other like-minded students for club formation and to discuss the printed materials.

Step 3: Find a sponsor

Find a Christian faculty member as a potential club sponsor. Share your desire to start a club, provide the club information from the website and ask the faculty member to prayerfully consider sponsorship.

Step 4: Call for training

When a Sponsor is secured, a training date is scheduled with the First Priority Area Advisor who will come to the campus to train the student leaders and sponsor. CONTACT US to set this up.

Step 5: Get organized


  • Day, time and location for the weekly club meeting
  • Potential Campus Mentor for the club is discussed… a student may suggest their Student Minister, Pastor, Youth Leader or a parent
  • Student Leadership Commitments are signed
  • Faculty Sponsor Commitment is signed

Step 6: Get legal

The Faculty Sponsor must inform the administration of the intent to start a new club on campus and turn in a Club Constitution

Club Constitution and By-Laws

Step 7: Mentor selected

First Priority follows up on Campus Mentor recommendations. The Campus Mentor is secured and trained.

Step 8: Plan out month

Three-week planning meeting is scheduled for Student Leaders, Faculty Sponsor and Campus Mentor

Step 9: Start promotion

Promotion for ‘Club Start-Up and Equip Week’ is implemented

Step 10: First club meeting

Equip Week arrives and the club is well on its way to transforming a campus.