EPiC Strategy

Starting Fall 2018 all our First Priority club will run on the 3-week strategy, based on the acronym EPiC. Each club with Equip (E), Proclaim (P), and Connect (C).  Below describes how this works a little more. Then click the Equip, Proclaim, or Connect page-links for the club details and resources for each week.

Equip Week

This is the week we EQUIP you to personally share your faith using the 3 Crowns Gospel presentation. We have a full video series and downloadable curriculum in PDF that each of your clubs will use to equip you to be missionaries to your campus. >> Equip Week

Proclaim Week

This is the week you line up a guest speaker or student leader to PROCLAIM the Gospel with an opportunity to respond. For our afternoon clubs, you will be provided with free pizzas, and morning clubs, free donuts, to invite your friends to this life-changing meeting. >> Proclaim Week

Connect Week

This is the week you aim to CONNECT your friends into your local church for life-long discipleship. God Stories and testimonials get shared about how students connected to Christ and his Church. We have a special new believer Bible Study, First Steps of Devotion, that will also be used this week to inspire students to get baptized and join your church. >> Connect Week