Equip Week

Welcome to the Equip Week resource page. Equip is week one of the three week First Priority EPiC strategy. The focus is on equipping club members with the Gospel. We also take time to be in prayer for our lost friends and get ready to invite them to the big, Proclaim week party.

Every “E” week should start in the same way as any other week in EPIC First Priority clubs; Music, Countdown video, Welcome, Game, and Prayer. Once we have started off in an EPIC way, it’s time to get started in on the strategy and resources that make Equip week.

All the resources you need for Equip week is available via the links provided below:

[Download 5-Minute Countdown Timer]

Equip Week 1

Equip Week 2

Equip Week 3

Equip Week 4

Equip Week 5

Equip Week 6

Equip Week 7

Equip Week 8

Equip Week 9

Equip Week 10