Faculty Sponsor Commitment


As a Faculty Sponsor of a First Priority club, officially representing the public school of which I am employed, I commit to…

  1. Ensure the club abides by the school’s specific POLICIES AND PROCEDURES to remain approved on campus.
  2. Not oppose or undermine the deeply held Christian beliefs and practices of the students of First Priority, as outlined in their STATEMENT OF FAITH (view here).


As a Faculty Sponsor, in addition to attending the weekly Campus Club meetings in a non-participatory capacity, I commit to…

  1. Ensure a weekly OPEN FORUM on the school premises (i.e. classroom, lunchroom, auditorium, etc.) for First Priority to meet during non-instructional hours (e.g. before/after school, lunch break, etc.).
  2. Provide access to the necessary SCHOOL RESOURCES, which typically includes a computer with internet, a connected projector or television, and speakers to adequately hear club videos.
  3. Provide ON-SITE STORAGE for weekly First Priority club resources, such as Bibles, Prayer-Cards, Decision-Cards, etc.