Club Mentor Commitment


As a Club Mentor, in addition to setting an overall Christian example in my life and conduct, I commit to…

  1. Remain connected to my LOCAL CHURCH for oversight and accountability.
  2. Affirm the beliefs and practices of First Priority, as outlined in our STATEMENT OF FAITH (view here), and abide by it without reservation


As the Club Mentor, in addition to encouraging club members to have and lead EPiC Club meetings according to the First Priority strategy, I commit to…

  1. Attend a MONTHLY REGIONAL MEETING for celebration, encouragement, and prayer.
  2. Engage consistently in a weekly conversation with the Area Coach to discuss club culture as it relates to student led, 3 week cycle adherence and meeting dynamics.
  3. Participate in the ongoing First Priority ‘TrainedUp’ online equipping protocol (upon invitation) throughout the course of the school year.